Sunday, November 21, 2010

Zandra's Wedding

Hallo everyone,
On 20th November 2010 that day was my bestie's wedding day.
It's so sad I cudn't came earlier. Yala, my brother terlajak-tdo pla u noe(u dun noe huhu).
We reach there like on 11 sumthg.
Only able to see people berkemas2 brg n cuci2 piring only.
But I'm still happy cuz I can come and witness her happiness. Too bad we didn't have too much picies. So enjoy some of the pictures I able to capture that day.
To Ijan n hubby may this marriage brings abundant of joy n happiness to both of u. God bless always. =)

The happy bride n groom =)

Taking picture with raja n ratu shari

Ijan n I, hoho I am so Freaking Fat!I noe lotsa ppl will make fun of this. the hell with u guys hahaha

So, dats all the pics i can snap , hoho kejar masa n ol, ssh lorr. neway, my bro's wedding will come up soon, I'll upate bout dat too k. Mwahh =) (yeahh Im Fat..shut up u freaks!)

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