Sunday, November 21, 2010

Zandra's Wedding

Hallo everyone,
On 20th November 2010 that day was my bestie's wedding day.
It's so sad I cudn't came earlier. Yala, my brother terlajak-tdo pla u noe(u dun noe huhu).
We reach there like on 11 sumthg.
Only able to see people berkemas2 brg n cuci2 piring only.
But I'm still happy cuz I can come and witness her happiness. Too bad we didn't have too much picies. So enjoy some of the pictures I able to capture that day.
To Ijan n hubby may this marriage brings abundant of joy n happiness to both of u. God bless always. =)

The happy bride n groom =)

Taking picture with raja n ratu shari

Ijan n I, hoho I am so Freaking Fat!I noe lotsa ppl will make fun of this. the hell with u guys hahaha

So, dats all the pics i can snap , hoho kejar masa n ol, ssh lorr. neway, my bro's wedding will come up soon, I'll upate bout dat too k. Mwahh =) (yeahh Im Fat..shut up u freaks!)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Monday Blues

Have u guys ever felt like drowning?
I have (literally it did happen to me once/ twice-scary!)
I feel so suffocated, as if I'm about to lost my breath.
I duno why such thing happen (to me),
Sometimes I can get depress and annoyed for no specific reasons.
maybe because I'm tooooo tired or tooooo stress
Today, I miss my husband soooo bad.
Hopefully he can transfer here, easier for our family to "expand" hahaha.
if any of you have any interesting hobbies or new plans ahead, let me know,
who know I'll might be interested and start a new hobby too

Happy Monday

p/s I think I have Monday Blues huhu =(

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Hey guys!
First: I've a blog but I owes-owes forgot my password, huhu
I'll try my best to remember this one, so I can blog actively. =)
Second: Today I'm going to introduce all of you to KIDEW

{Kidew Herbal Lotion Spray}

{The spray is so cute rite }

What's a kidew?If you ask me, well Kidew(pronounce as Kid- Dew) is actually a herbal lotion spray to relieve itchiness and rash and also repeal mosquitoes.

It's very suitable for children.

What I love most about KIDEW are, it's non-greasy, suitable for gentle skin and also has a very rapid relief of irritation.

When I bought it this evening, I quickly sprayed it on my arm, n it has a very comfortable cooling effect.
(I have an addiction towards menthol or cool effects thingy. Dunno why, but I really favour them huhu =3)

Anyway, you can buy your own KIDEW on drugstore or departmental store such as Guardian or Watson for just RM19.90 for 145ml bottle.
There's larger bottle,but becoz it's my first purchase on this new product I wanted to try it out on a much more smaller bottle
(incase it's not that great,I won't feel self pity on buying things crazily huhu)

So grab ur KIDEW for your beloved children,to protect them from the bad-bad mosqy.

~Hurray 4 diz product.~
I rate it 5 Star for the good quality and effectiveness =3